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Business Process Outsourcing

For Charities and Non Profits

About Us

We provide compliance, consulting, and fiduciary services to Non Profit Organizations and professional fundraising companies that service nonprofits. Lodestar manages payment activity and the funds flow on behalf of charities and nonprofits, between the charity, charity aggregator and their bank. Charities and nonprofits rely upon Lodestar and Charity Aggregators because much of their staff is part time or volunteer. They’re not typically well trained or technical. They find it difficult to handle checks and making deposits and record keeping as well as provide any modicum of due diligence to vet items.

Our Services



Our robust Remote Deposit Capture platform enables us to manage receivables as an outsourced lockbox solution.



Our platform provides enhanced reporting and disbursement capabilities specifically tailored to each client


Fraud Monitoring

We've developed a proprietary and transactional risk management system to review, score and watch transactions.



We attempt to validate a check presenter for OFAC compliance as well as validate their checking account prior to presentment to the FED to reduce rejects from the check presenters bank which reduces our BOFD risk and our clients processing costs.



We bring a plethora of credentialed compliance background to mitigate risk. We stay up to date on the latest regulatory requirements so we understand the terrain our clients and our banking partners need to navigate.


Risk Scoring

We utilize a robust multi-dimensional risk analytics engine to review, score and watch transactions to reduce risk across its client processing platform portfolio.